Free Cosplay & Prop Templates

The vast majority of my prop and cosplay builds start life as some kind of technical drawing. Sometimes these drawings are as simple as a 2D outline drawing and sometimes the prop template drawings are much more detailed. In any case, I create lots of these templates for my personal work and am happy to share them with the community. Sharing is caring folks! Please feel free to download, use, or share any of the cosplay and prop templates on the Prop Up Shop website. Just be cool and leave the copyright information intact!

All the cosplay and prop templates that you can find on the Prop Up Shop website are free for non-commercial use. However, copyright for the prop designs themselves belong to their respective creators. Therefore, prop makers should take this into consideration when using the templates provided here. In short, don’t make commercial copies of movie and video game items.

Please feel free to use the materials provided here in any way you see fit. Modification, sharing and the creation of colouring books are all encouraged! If you do use any of the templates or 3D models for your own work, please send me an email or tweet with a picture of the finished item. As, like everyone, my ego needs a scratch from time to time! In all seriousness, the reason that I run this site is to share my knowledge with others.

A Note on the Prop Templates:

All the templates on this site are created in Adobe Illustrator. The templates themselves are scaled to print at life size. There are some items, particularly from the world of video games where the size of the prop is slightly subjective. As the item has never existed in real life, there are no real world reference points for dimensions. In these cases, I have scaled the templates such that the props look right against my 6 foot frame. If you’re short enough that people rub your head for luck, or play in the NBA, you may want to adjust the print size to suit!