How To Make a Harry Potter Wand Stand (With Templates)

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In our living room, we have what has become affectionately known as a “nerd cabinet”. This is in fact 3 Ikea glass cabinets stuffed to the brim with my prop making exploits and Charlottes Pop Vinyl collection. The state of our wizarding shelf dictated that we needed a Harry Potter wand stand quite badly, and last week it finally made it to the top of my to-do list.

How to make a Harry Potter wand stand.

We currently only have 4 wands, but plan to increase our collection at some point. So for now, the design caters for 4 standard sized Harry Potter wands. If you like the look of my stand, please feel free to download the Harry Potter Wand Stand Template files here. These are designed to be printed full size on A4 (or letter if you use Freedom stationary) paper.

The templates are designed to use 3mm thick material. I used MDF as I had some in stock, but Acrylic plastic or mountboard would work just as well. In fact, when I make some more of these, they will almost certainly be in black Acrylic. The first job is to print out the templates and transfer them to the sheet material. With MDF you can use a glue stick to lightly attach it for cutting.

Step two, unsurprisingly, involves cutting out the two end pieces of the Harry Potter wand stand. I did this on my band saw, but a coping saw, or a cutting bit in a Dremel would also work here.

The three braces are 30mm in width and should be cut to whatever length you want. We have 4 wands that are around 14” long, so I cut these to around 11” to allow some overhang at the ends.

Putting together the Harry Potter wand stand is dead simple. I glued the 5 pieces together using regular CA glue (superglue), being careful to make sure everything was nice and square.

If you’ve gone for MDF, now is the time to seal the surface with sanding sealer and then give it a coat of your favourite primer. I use Vallejo airbrush primers, but a rattle can black would work equally well. As my primer gave a nice dark, matte black paint finish, I felt it didn’t need a topcoat. So the last step for me was to apply a clearcoat. I used Vallejo gloss varnish from the airbrush, but again, this is something that can easily be achieved with a spray can.

And there you have it. A nice and easy Harry Potter wand stand to help display the evidence of our fondness for all things Wizard. Next time on Dogless’ increasingly esoteric blog subject generator – fantastic swords and where to stick them.

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