Space Marine Auspex Prop – Warhammer 40,000 Cosplay

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Both of my regular readers will know that I’ve had a long history with Warhammer 40,000. I credit the game with providing the impetus to make models throughout my teenage years where other competing interests such as girls, Fender guitars and girls with Fender guitars threatened to diminish my maker instincts. I’ve always wanted to make a Space Marine Auspex prop, even more than some of the more glamorous items found in the grim darkness of the far future. So I did.

How to make a Space Marine Auspex Prop

I’m a big fan of trying to summarise the essence of an object in a few words so that I can keep that phrase in mind when I’m working on replicating that object in the real world. Consequently, I ended up with: “Chunky utilitarian lump”. Yup, the Space Marine Auspex is as subtle as a brick and twice as ugly. I love it!

Like many of my replica items, largely constructed my Space Marine Auspex prop from MDF. It’s a nice simple build, and I’ve made the plans available here for anyone that wants to have a go themselves.

I started off by printing the template files and gluing them onto MDF of the appropriate thickness using a glue stick. If you’re fancy you can use spraymount, but I’ve got rent to pay.

Here are the 3 parts that form the body of the Space Marine Auspex prop. I cut out my parts on a bandsaw, but a scroll saw or coping saw would work equally well.

At this stage I have started to laminate the main parts of the body together. I was in a rush and used superglue for this job, but woodglue would be a cheaper and likely stronger alternative.

The front panels were cut from 3mm MDF, along with a piece to which I could attach the screen.

The print out of the screen had this weird banding caused by my print head being blocked. But it reminded me of the motion tracker in Aliens, so I thought I’d keep it as is, rather than trying to reprint.

I embedded some small Neodymium magnets in the body and top panel to form a battery door cover. I would later end up adding a couple of pins to stop the cover falling off during vigorous purging of heretics.

A Forstner bit was used to recess the antennae/sensors/proddy bits. You need to take a lot of care and work slowly here. MDF splits quicker than Superman hearing the results of a paternity test. I hear child support isn’t much of a thing on Krypton.

The antennae/sensors were all made from various conduit connectors and waste pipe connectors. I have loads of these things in the garage as they always find a purpose.

The Space Marine Auspex prop has had all of its sensors attached. There’s a lot of room for creative licence here, as the GW model is so small that these areas are little more than blobs on the 28mm scale model, so go nuts.

That’s a good stopping point for now, too many pictures impact page load times and make uncle Google sad. Part 2 of the Space Marine Auspex Prop build details how I went about constructing the detail parts and the process of painting and weathering. Tune in next week for more adventures from the Prop Up Shop Centre for the Detection of Heresy (that’s PUSDOH for short!).

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