Fallout prop 10mm SMG and bottlecaps.

Painting the Fallout Prop 10mm SMG – Prop Build Part 3

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If you missed part 1 and part 2 of the Fallout Prop 10mm SMG build you should take a peek at how I made the prop. Or, if you’re allergic to reading about MDF, or just generally a buzz kill at parties, you can keep on reading.

How I painted the Fallout Prop 10mm SMG


Let’s get something straight right out of the box. MDF is a pain in the posterior to paint. We’ll that’s a half truth, it takes paint really well. So well in fact that it drinks it up. Unless you seal MDF before it is painted, it will take dozens of coats of paint to get good coverage.
Being the courageous type, I tried a little experiment with the 10mm SMG prop. I’ve have always used shellac or sanding sealer to treat MDF constructions in the past. But I had read of others using PVA glue to seal their MDF models. I surmised that If I thinned PVA with a little water to a consistency that I could persuade it through the nozzle of a cheap old airbrush* I could both seal the SMG and maintain a smooth surface finish. So I mixed up a batch of PVA, water and tinted it with a little Vallejo black primer so I could see where I was spraying and got a good even coat on the model. 5 or 6 coats later and I had a pretty durable finish.

*I wouldn’t use your Iwata for this folks… I sure didn’t!

After the PVA mix had thouroughly dried, I set to the Fallout Prop 10mm SMG with some 240 grit sandpaper to knock back the surface texture that had been a little disturbed by the sealing process. Looking back at my process here, I think the PVA produced a less durable surface than shellac, and It was pretty time consuming to apply.

With the experiment over I was back in familiar territory. I applied Vallejo gun metal to the raised metallic areas of the gun, leaving a little black in the recesses to add depth. I used an airbrush for all of the paint because that’s the way I work, but all of these processes could easily be done with a brush.

Next up I added a little Vallejo German grey to the lower receiver of the Fallout prop 10mm SMG.

I drybrushed all the black areas with more of the Vallejo gun metal colour. This gives the look of paint wearing back to metal.

The drybrushing process was repeated on the grey lower receiver. The paint I used for this was Vallejo medium grey.

Next up comes the fun stuff, weathering. A lot of weathering techniques make props look very oily and dirt clad. However, for the Mojave wasteland look , I needed the Fallout prop 10mm SMG to look sun bleached and dusty. I started off by creating some surface rust patches with various dark to mid brown colours. Then finally I hit the whole model with a very light dusting of Vallejo flat earth. This both faded the paint coats and helped blend in the rust patches.

The Fallout prop 10mm SMG is easily the most fun build I’ve completed this year. I can’t wait to put together some more fallout props and maybe a costume or two to accompany it.

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