Prey Wrench Prop Template

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Charlotte and I have been playing through Prey over the last couple of weeks. If you’ve not played it, and were a fan of the Sytemshock and Bioshock games, then you’ll definitely love the new Prey reboot. The humble wrench has proven to be a useful ally throughout the game thus far as ammunition is pretty sparse. Moreover, I love the design of this thing, all utilitarian except for the flourish of the twists in the handle – simultaneously familiar and totally unique. It was inevitable then that I would have to make a Prey wrench prop. While I figure out how I plan to make it, feel free to download the Prey Wrench Prop Template that I made.

The PDF file is scaled to my hand, which is 90mm across the widest part of the palm. If you’re part gorilla, or one of those people with “presidential” hands, you may want to adjust the size of the file to suit. If that is the case, you may find it easier to do so with the .jpg below.

I hope the Prey Wrench Prop Template is of use to some of you guys. Stay tuned for more updates.

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