How To Make Stormie The Stormtrooper Part 3 – Painting & Weathering

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If you missed part 1 and part 2 of my “how to make stormie the stormtrooper“ series, you can go back and read them now if you like. Otherwise, stick around for some gratuitous painting talk. When I left the Cinema after seeing Rogue One for the 38th time, I knew I had to make Stormie the Stormtrooper. But many are still unfamiliar with his work. So for those that have not yet embraced the word of our new 9” wooden lord, here is a little background. Stormie is a doll that belonged to a young Jyn Erso, back when she was short and didn’t have any dialogue.

In a blog titled “How To Make Stormie The Stormtrooper” it probably seems a bit cheap that I’ve not done a full blow by blow account of how I painted Stormie. But the truth is, I got a bit excited and just went at him with a paint brush, forgetting to take lots of pictures as I went along. Consequently, here’s an overview of the tools and techniques I used.

  1. Matt White Primer. Normally with a painted balsa project you would use a filler primer to start with. However, I wanted to keep a lot of the rough texture in the wood, as this reflects the ‘quick and dirty’ nature of the film used prop.
  2. Black and Brown Acrylic Paints. Acrylic paints that are meant for models are MUCH more pigmented than artist acrylics and to my mind produce a far superior finish. However, this is less important for weathering, so cheap artists acrylics will do the job nicely here. I use Vallejo model paints, because I’ve been using them for years and I’m far too stubborn to change.
  3. Paint Brushes. Self explanatory really. I notice a lot of Prop Makers and Cosplayers using really cheap crappy brushes. Stop Doing This! Buy a couple of slightly more expensive brushes, they will last for years if well looked after and produce vastly superior results.
  4. Sharpie and Fine Liner Pen.
  5. Matt Sealant.Try and get the same brand as your white spry paint if you can. This will avoid any bad reactions between the two paint types.
  6. Paper Towels. These are useful during the weathering process and are essential to keep around as you weep tears of joy as you bring Stormie to life.

Painting – Make Stormie The Stormtrooper

In theory this is the easy bit. However, as I mentioned earlier, I decided against using filler primer to preserve some of the roughness of the wood grain. This was a mistake. Regular white spray primer took about 8 thin coats to get decent coverage, as the basla grain soaked up a seemingly endless amount of paint.

Details – Make Stormie The Stormtrooper

The face details were drawn in first with pencil then made permanent with a sharpie. Washes of thinned black acrylic paint were applied liberally over every surface and then wiped away with a cloth, leaving the appearance of accumulated dirt in the hard to get to places.

Once everything was dry (a hairdryer helps here) I gave Stormie a couple of coats of Matt spray varnish to seal everything in nicely.

That’s All Folks

That just about wraps it up. I hope some of you are encouraged to make Stormie the Stormtrooper for yourselves. Not only is Stormie a nice quick project, but he’s also a fun item to add to any collection of Star Wars props. Until next time, may your blasters be ever wide of the mark.

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