How To Fix A Broken Wand – Harry Potter Wand Repair

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As regular readers, clairvoyants and postal service workers are probably aware, my Harry Potter wand arrived last week… in two pieces. “Surely I am not the only person to befall this fate” I thought to myself. I began picturing distraught nerds the world over, suffering broken wands – no doubt caused by overenthusiastic wand play. As I returned regretfully to reality, I decided that I should probably put together a blog showing you how to fix a broken wand.

The offending item, seemingly broken in transit. In fairness to the dedicated professionals of the international postal system, this wand is a piece of crap. In fact, it’s full of large air bubbles that significantly weaken the internal structure. Thus, even after this is repaired, it will be limited to light wanding duties.

How to Fix a broken Wand:

If you have a nice a clean break like I have here, both parts of the wand should match up pretty much perfectly. We are going to drill a small hole in both pieces of wand and insert a piece of stiff wire* to reinforce the area that we are gluing. This will both provide some much-needed strength down the centre of the wand, which will improve resistance to torsional loads. Furthermore, this will provide more surface area for the glue to bond.

*If you thought I was going to write ill-conceived innuendo at every opportunity, you’d be wrong. This blog is about how to fix a broken wand – Harry Potter Penis/Wand Jokes can be found here.

In this case I chose to use an Archimedes hand drill, but any small hand or electric drill will suffice. If you don’t have an appropriate drill to hand, you can purchase a small pin vice from somewhere like Amazon for very little, which will do the job nicely.

After both sides had been drilled, I inserted a small amount of wire in the first hole and gently pushed this into the resin of the second half. As a result, this marked exactly where I needed to drill the second hole. In this image you can clearly see the large air bubble that weakened the wand sufficiently to break in this exact spot.


There are a few different approaches to how to fix a broken wand, but my preferred method involves inserting a pin though the join area. As you can see, in this instance I have used a 25mm (1inch) long piece of steel wire sourced from a paperclip. I used a small amount of superglue to secure the pin into the first hole.

You can use a number of different adhesives to fix a broken wand. Since the vast majority are made of polyurethane resin, they can be glued using Superglue (also known as CA glue), Epoxy or even some kinds of contact cement – though I would not recommend the latter.

Here I have applied glue to the join area, the protruding pin and pushed both halves together. Since I used superglue, it will hold in a few seconds and be fully cured within a couple of minutes.

There you have it – a quick and simple guide to show you how to fix a broken wand. Due to the poor quality of this casting this wand is fairly fragile, so I’ll have to careful in future when whipping out my wand. Juvenile wand jokes aside, you may well find that your Harry Potter wands have a similarly poor quality of casting. Thus, knowing how to fix a broken wand isn’t such a bad thing.

Next week on “Dogless makes bad puns” I’ll be repainting this wand to make it less offensive to those of us that have eyes. Ciao.

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