Harry Potter Hogwarts film model at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

Harry Potter Prop Reference Images – Warner Bros Studio Tour

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Today’s post is going to be a short one because it’s full of delicious images. Naturally you’re here to see a bunch of Harry Potter Prop reference images and I’m cool if you guys want to skip ahead to the purrdy pictures.

For those of you that can’t follow instructions, or those that are not interested in the world of Harry Potter Props (why are you here?), here’s a bit of background. Before the Winter claimed my enthusiams for going outside I bought my wife tickets to go to the WB Studio Tour in North London. Not only did this earn me significant brownie points, it also proved to be a great source of Harry Potter prop research.

The Warner Brothers Studios at Leavesden, North London were the home of all 8 Potter films. As a result the place is crammed to the rafters with sets, props and costumers from the productions. Because of this, Leavesden is a wonderful place to go and gather reference images for a whole host of Harry Potter prop and costume projects. And that is what forms the basis of this post.

Firstly, The Daily Prophet sign from the Diagon Alley exhibit. This is definitely a prop that I intend on recreating in the future and it should be a nice and simple project that will look great in our nerd-room.

This is Mad Eye Moody’s magical eye piece. Naturally this proves to be a popular prop among the fans.

Next up is The Monster Book of monsters prop. We discovered that this bad-boy is animated and every few minutes it would lurch into life, chomping its jaws in the direction of unsuspecting visitors. Evidently, this is cooler than an episode of the Eyy-Team sporting an all Fonzie cast, directed by Henry Winkler himself.

Another view of The Monster Book of monsters prop.

Flite Rite advert from Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix – you can read my blog about recreating this advert here and download printable high-res files if that’s your bag.

Next we move on to the Azkaban Prison Sign prop. Conceding that I am a hoarder of such things, this is definitely going on the build list.

The wonderful craftsmanship of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Those etched wings are particularly nice.

Another view of the Golden Snitch.

Next we have the Philosipher’s Stone. In comparison to the other carefully crafted props, the stone looks a bit shit in person if I’m honest!

A bit of detail of the Mad Eye Moody Costume. I can’t bring myself to do the full costume to the level of detail that I would normally work to, but I still maintain that it would make a great cheapie Halloween costume.

Screen used ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ book prop.

Screen used ‘Advanced Potion Making’ book prop. There were dozens of these dotted about around various exhibits.

Half of the Death Eater Masks prop display, the lighting was terrible here. As a result I couldn’t get a clear shot of the other half. Consequently I’ll have to go back another time.

Finally, if you are considering a trip to the Warner Brothers studio tour to do some Harry Potter prop research or just as a day out with the family, I can’t recommend it enough. While we were on the studio lots I had countless project ideas and a literally overwhelming dose of inspiration. Consequently, we are already planning a return visit. The tickets are a little pricey but in contrast to other attractions I think it’s good value.

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