Stormie the Stormtrooper Build Project Part 2 – Building Stormie

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For those that skipped over Part 1 of this project, Stormie The Stormtrooper is a wooden toy that features in Rogue One. Stormie is a toy Stormtrooper that belonged to a young Jyn Erso. His 5 minutes of fame occur in the opening scene of Rogue One – discovered by one of the death troopers that has come in search for Galen Erso – Stormie only gets a few brief seconds of air time, but those few seconds stole my heart.

Enough waffle. If you want to read more about the process of planning, templating and daydreaming about a Stormier future, go back to part 1. If you just want to download the cutting templates I made, click here. Now onto the build. Click through the 3 galleries below to view a meandering visual journey of wood carving, sanding and bleeding.

As you can see from the first gallery Stormie the Stormtrooper is mostly constructed from Balsa wood blocks. You can pick up bags of Balsa at most hobby stores. Most of the techniques used in his construction are pretty simple, with basic cutting and shaping forming 99% of the build. Browse through the next gallery to see us whittle Stormie’s basic shapes.

I bought a bag of 15mm dowel to form Stormie’s limbs. It turned out to be pretty hard wood, unlike much of the dowel I’ve used in the past. I wouldn’t want to be cutting and shaping that by hand, so if you’re stuck with small hand tools I recommend you try and get some of the softer stuff. Anyway, click through the gallery to see Stormie evolve into his final form.

So that’s about it for Stormies build. As you can see from the last image there is a little bit of prop work to do before we paint our hero. If you are interested in having a go yourself and think you are less susceptible to stab wounds than I am, check out the Stormie The Stormtrooper Build Project Part 1 blog for dimensions and templates to aid you in your noble quest.

Check back soon for the final part of the Stormie the Stormtrooper Build. As a sneak preview, I’d say there’s a roughly 50:50 chance that white paint is involved and a 100% chance that I’ll injure myself again. Ciao.

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