Stormie The Stormtrooper Build Project Part 1

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2017 is going to be the year of Stormie the Stormtrooper, mark my words. While this may be seem entirely obvious to me, let me show you my working, so to speak.

For those not already familiar with Stormie the Stormtrooper and his ‘Best Supporting Actor’ worthy appearance in Rogue One, I’ll provide a little background. Before the meat and potatoes of the “scrappy band of rebels get’s all up in the Empire’s business” plotline kicks off, we are granted a look at Jyn Erso’s childhood by the loveable Exposition Fairy. It is during these opening moments of Rogue One that we are introduced to the aforementioned hero of our tale.

Sadly, Stormie the Stormtrooper only gets a few seconds of screen time. His moment in the spotlight occurs when he is discovered by the Death Troopers that have come to retrieve Galen from the Erso homestead on Lah’Mu. However, despite his short time on the screen, he is sure to live long in the hearts and prop collections of many a Star Wars nerd the world over.

I recently picked up the Rogue One Visual dictionary, which among many other wonderful things, has a couple of great reference images of Stormie – which brings me ramblingly to my point… I’ma build me a Stormie the Stormtrooper doll.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, have a browse through the reference images below for a couple of Stormie glamour shots, as well as a diagram showing a number of vital dimensions that I’ve scraped together. As you can see, Stormie The Stormtrooper should be a pretty straightforward build, using simple woodworking techniques. Consequently, I think this would make a great project to work on with the kids, teaching them some basic woodwork skills and reminding them that Stormie is in fact mankind’s only hope.

Knowing that sharing is caring, I have attached the printable templates I created to construct my Stormie The Stormtrooper doll right here. Feel free to use/distribute them – just do me a solid and leave my name on them yeah?

In the next instalment of “Stormie The Stormtrooper is the Real Hero of Rogue One” I will detail the methods I used to build and paint my new wooden bestie. Until then, may your knife blades never blunt – and your bits box be filled with gribblies!

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